Claude 3: Is Nathan too bought into the hype?

Tom and Nate sit down to discuss Claude 3 and some updates on what it means to be open. Not surprisingly, we get into debating some different views. We cover Dune 2's impact on AI and have a brief giveaway at the end. Cheers!

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Some topics:
- The pace of progress in AI and whether it feels meaningful or like "progress fatigue" to different groups
- The role of hype and "vibes" in driving interest and investment in new AI models 
- Whether the value being created by large language models is actually just being concentrated in a few big tech companies
- The debate around whether open source AI is feasible given the massive compute requirements
- The limitations of "open letters" and events with Chatham House rules as forms of politics and accountability around AI
- The analogy between the AI arms race and historical arms races like the dreadnought naval arms race
- The role of narratives, pop culture, and "priesthoods" in shaping public understanding of AI

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00:00 Introduction and the spirit of open source
04:32 Historical parallels of technology arms races
10:26 The practical use of language models and their impact on society
22:21 The role and potential of open source in AI development
28:05 The challenges of achieving coordination and scale in open AI development
34:18 Pop culture's influence on the AI conversation, specifically through "Dune"

Creators and Guests

Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert
RLHF researcher and author of blog
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
AI Ethicists and co-host of The Retort.
Claude 3: Is Nathan too bought into the hype?
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