AI's Eras Tour: Performance, Trust, and Legitimacy

Tom and Nate catch up on the ridiculous of Nvidia GTC, the lack of trust in AI, and some important taxonomies and politics around governing AI. Safety institutes, reward model benchmarks, Nathan's bad joke delivery, and all the normal good stuff in this episode! Yes, we're also sick of the Taylor Swift jokes, but they get the clicks.

The Taylor moment:

00:00 Intros and discussion on NVIDIA's influence in AI and the Bay Area
09:08 Mustafa Suleyman's new role and discussion on AI safety
11:31 The shift from performance to trust in AI evaluation
17:31 The role of government agencies in AI policy and regulation
24:07 The role of accreditation in establishing legitimacy and trust
32:11 Grok's open source release and its impact on the AI community
39:34 Responsibility and accountability in AI and social media platforms

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Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert
RLHF researcher and author of blog
AI's Eras Tour: Performance, Trust, and Legitimacy
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