AI, feedback, and population public health

Tom and Nate revisit one of their old ideas -- AI through the lens of public health infrastructure, and especially alignment. Sorry about Tom's glitchy audio, I figured it out after the fact that he was talking into the microphone at the wrong angle. Regardless, here are some links for this week. Links:
- Data foundry for AI 
- Information piece on Scale AI ($) 
- ChatGPT compounding math: 

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Chicago's Tech Scene and the "The Bear"
01:22 AI and Public Health: A New Framework
08:17 Lessons for AI from Sanitation Infrastructure
12:58 The Mental Health Impact of Generative AI
23:28 Aligning AI with Diverse Societal Values
27:06 Power Dynamics in AI's Development
33:02 The Need for a Neutral AI Research Body (NAIRR)
36:57 New Regulations for a New Era of AI
41:05 Outro: Join the Conversation

Creators and Guests

Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert
RLHF researcher and author of blog
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
Thomas Krendl Gilbert
AI Ethicists and co-host of The Retort.
AI, feedback, and population public health
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